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Filth! Original Art Blind Box Keychain

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Introducing Filth!

In each box is a retro keychain slide viewer with an original, unique piece of genuine 35mm slide film shot by Parker Day. Each blind box is sealed and the only way to know which of the 8 filthy femme characters is inside is to get your very own and open it up. 

Peep the last 3 product photos for an actual look inside the keychains--they were taken with a cell phone camera looking through!

Each box is signed and numbered by Parker Day

Limited edition of 250

Here's how many keychains there are in existence of each character:
Roachelle - 44
Crystal - 44
Tanqueray - 36
Maybelle - 36
Lizzie - 30
Pickles - 24
Cherie - 18 (SUPER RARE!)
Sweetie - 18 (SUPER RARE!)

Collect them all!

Roachelle: Parker Day
Crystal: Naomi, MUA Jessica Vergon
Tanqueray: Ash Smith, MUA Jessica Vergon, stylist Orchid Satellite
Maybelle: Caprice, stylist Ivory Woods
Lizzie: Celeste Kamppila
Pickles: Kelly Weidenheft
Cherie: Molly Milk, MUA Jessica Vergon
Sweetie: Sheylin, MUA Jennifer Corona
Package Design: Natalie Bolton natalie-bolton.com